14 Blog Topic Idea Starters to Energize Your Nonprofit’s Website [and Freebie!]

I have a question about your nonprofit’s blog: Are you bored of it? If you think your blog is a real snoozefest, chances are your readers think so, too.

blog topic idea starters

It’s easy to get into the habit of writing one type of blog post. Maybe your organization only publishes blog posts around fundraising campaigns, events, or programs. Or worse, you only write when time permits.

I am guilty of this. Like you, I’m pulled in many directions and my time is limited. Completing marketing activities for one initiative and then rushing to the next big thing doesn’t leave much extra space. But if you want to spread your message further, you need to provide valuable and engaging original content to your community.

To get your creative juices flowing, here is a list of 14 blog topic idea starters to help you bring fresh and interesting content to your readers. There’s a freebie at the end for you, too.

Blog Topic Idea Starters

1. Conduct an interview

Give people a behind-the-scenes look by interviewing someone associated with your organization. An interview gives your organization credibility and is also a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the interviewee for all they contribute. Conduct the interview by email or in person, and then post the interview in either a Q-and-A format or in essay form.

2.  Answer a frequently asked question

Think about the common questions you get asked from your supporters, members, and community. They might ask these questions via social media, in a phone call, or in person. Pick one and write a detailed answer. Bonus: Get more mileage out of this FAQ blog post (and save your time!) by directing people to it when they ask this common question.

3. Summarize a successful event or program

As soon as a fundraiser, program, or event ends, your inclination may be to take a deep breath and then move on to the next big thing. Not so fast! Allow your readers to participate in the success via a blog post. Publishing a recap will also provide you with a permanent record of the highlights.

4. Tell a personal story

People love personal stories. Write a blog post that tells a story of yours as it relates to your organization. What was the problem that you overcame? Conclude your story with a lesson learned. The goal is to have your reader see their own story within your story.

5. Let a powerful photo be your inspiration

Sometimes you just need one image to inspire your creativity. Perhaps it’s a photo you or a colleague took at an event. Maybe it’s a picture you saw in the news. Or, maybe it’s a historic image that relates to your organization’s mission. Whatever the case may be, don’t underestimate the power of an amazing photo.

6. Teach something

You know a lot, believe it or not. What’s common knowledge to you is new and interesting to others. Think about your organization, your programs, or your services from an outsider’s perspective. What would they like to know? A how-to guide or teaching blog post provides practical tips that are relevant and important to your readers.

7. Comment on something in the news

Commenting on a current event as it relates to your cause is a great way to connect with your readers. If your organization’s aim is to lead change in the world, then commenting on the news is critical.

8. Review a book or other resource

Writing a review is helpful to your readers. Reviews will motivate them to learn more about the topic, helping them to create more change in the world. Reviews also are a good way to display your thought leadership.

9. Tell a success story

Your organization probably has a treasure trove of success stories. Bring the stories to life in your blog. You can write the stories from your organization’s point of view or ask a beneficiary of your organization to write one. You may wish to provide a template to help them write their story. Marketing author and speaker Seth Godin has an easy story template I adore: I thought ______. But then I realized _______. And as a result, now I can ________.

10. Make a complicated concept simple

There are concepts and terms unique to your field. Simplify and explain one concept so your readers gain more insight. For example, if you work for a university, you may live and breath FAFSA, but parents of freshman high school students likely don’t. If you work for an animal shelter, you know the nuances of the term no-kill, but it’s unlikely your community does. What concepts might you take for granted that others would like to know?

11. Describe a historic event

Research the history of your organization itself or the history of your cause. Take one important event and tell a story from the past. Distill the lessons learned, and tell your readers what needs to happen in the future to keep the wheels of change in motion.

12. Comment on an inspirational quote

Sometimes a quote deeply moves you. Share it with others and comment on why it’s so powerful. Be sure to relate it to your cause or organization so you can inspire others to take action.

13. Provide a list of resources

You take for granted the things you know and the tools you use. Give back to your community by sharing resources. Think about websites, apps, books, e-guides, podcasts and videos that would be of value. Provide them so that your readers can benefit too.

14. Explain the rationale behind a decision

You have to make big decisions. If there’s a decision you need to explain in order to foster community support, a blog post is a great way to convey your rationale. Aside from minimizing any backlash, describing why you did something is instructive to similar organizations. You might just be creating change in your field!

Can you add to this list? What blog topics do you write about to move your mission forward? I’d love to hear them!

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