5 Unexpected Benefits of Blogging All Nonprofit Marketers Should Know

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As a nonprofit marketer, you treasure awareness, engagement, and action. To achieve these goals, you know you need to consistently distribute valuable content via online and offline channels.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Blogging All Nonprofit Marketers Should Know

You may think of your website’s blog as simply one channel of spreading your message.  And, yes, a blog is one means of message distribution, but blogging does so much more than that. When I added a blog to the website of the nonprofit for which I am the marketing chair, I found unexpected benefits of blogging. I’ll share them with you in this post.

Here are 5 unexpected benefits of blogging that all nonprofit marketers should know.

1. Blogging keeps your site fresh

Nobody likes visiting a website that has not been updated in months. Posting fresh content on your site on a consistent basis sends a clear message: your organization is active and good work is happening. People are more likely to engage and take action if they see that your organization is alive and well.

2. Blogging helps your search engine traffic

Speaking of keeping your site fresh, original content fuels search engines. You are rewarded generously for adding new content to your site. As more pages from your site are indexed, your organic search visibility is improved. As a result, you receive more website traffic!

3. Blogging provides you with repurposable content

The best copy, images, and videos from your blog posts can be repurposed into permanent content on your website. Maintaining a blog will give you an ongoing stream of original content to keep your entire website fresh and up to date.

4. Blogging helps humanize your organization

Copy written for your website tends to be formal and carefully crafted. In contrast, blog writing is casual and conversational. A blog reveals your organization’s human side. No matter how beautiful your website is, people feel the passion you have for your mission through reading your blog in a way they cannot deduce from the rest of your website.

5. Blogging positions your organization as an authority

A funny thing happens when you blog thoughtfully and consistently. Your organization becomes a recognized authority on the social cause or subject matter. Also, you will be top-of-mind for those whom you’d like to serve and others within your industry. Becoming a thought leader is a great way to spread your passion and make change happen!

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