Winning Nonprofit Marketing Strategies Focus on the Long Game

What we can learn from the Wright Brothers' obsession with patience, purpose, and unyielding determination

Sometimes the results of our nonprofit marketing strategies fall short of our expectations. Perhaps we had a dismal turnout at an event or low interest in a new program. Or maybe we didn’t have access to the resources needed for a successful fundraising campaign.

Nonprofit marketing strategies focus on long game

I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to become overwhelmed and lose faith when all our hard work isn’t producing the results we hoped for as quickly as we’d like.

Last week, I read David McCullough’s inspiring 2016 biography The Wright Brothers. Learning about the brothers’ passion, patience, and can-do attitude, I instantly felt a kinship with them. The Wright brothers were like the founders and leaders of today’s nonprofits: having an abundance of passion and an unyielding determination to change the world.

While we all want the quick wins (such as our marketing strategies seamlessly generating more money right now!), the Wright brothers teach us that winning requires playing the long game.


2 Nonprofit Facebook Groups That Make You Feel Like You Aren’t Alone

The best (free!) nonprofit Facebook groups to join right now

Where do you go when you are faced with a work challenge, but either your peers don’t have the answer or the topic is so sensitive that you’d rather not ask them?

You could google the question. Oftentimes, though, your problem is so nuanced that you don’t receive the perspective and personal touch of someone who has been through the same thing. You need a conversation, not a “how-to” article.

Enter community-supported, nonprofit Facebook groups!


Let Volunteers Help You ‘Bake the Cookies’

Allowing others to share in the work invites them to be a part of your story

We love stories. We love to read stories. We love to listen to stories. We love to be a part of stories.

I’ve got two stories for you today. Each one illustrates how accepting the help of others — even when you don’t necessarily need it — improves their experience and draws them closer to your mission. Don’t miss an opportunity to let others be a part of the story.