Does Your Nonprofit Website Have These 3 Things?

Straightforward homepage changes you can make today!

You’ve worked really hard on your nonprofit’s website. You undoubtedly have compelling content and beautiful aesthetics.

nonprofit website design homepage elements

Your website looks and feels right to you, but how will it be perceived by someone who knows little about your organization? Will they understand immediately what your nonprofit is all about? Is it clear what action they should take? These are the things I’ve been thinking about as I work on a new website for the nonprofit for which I volunteer.

In researching eye-tracking studies and web design best practices, three must-have homepage elements rise to the top. These are straightforward design changes you can make to your homepage today to make a better first impression and increase conversions.


How to Create the Perfect About Page for Your Nonprofit

Make your nonprofit shine with these elements and examples

Did you know one of the most visited pages on your website is your About page? (Go ahead and check your web analytics. Then come back here after seeing that your About page gets lots of views!)

How to Create the Perfect About Page for Your Nonprofit

An About page is so important because it’s the place your visitors go to learn about your organization more deeply. There, visitors might make the critical decision of whether or not your organization is worthy of their attention.

This blog post will focus on developing the perfect About page. You’ll learn critical About page elements to make your organization shine. Additionally, I will give examples of nonprofits doing each element brilliantly.