What’s Your Why? Here’s How to Start Your Story

[Part 4 in a Series on Launching a Content Marketing Program]

Stories have the ability to connect people to an idea on an emotional level. Telling compelling stories helps our audience to feel what we feel. And when it comes to powerful stories, the nonprofit sector certainly corners the market.

Before crafting your success stories, let’s take a step back to look at the heart and soul of your nonprofit’s story in the context of a content marketing framework. Where do you begin?


For whom are your creating content? Think about the kind of information your community would like to receive from you. Do that. Consistently.

Mission: Possible! Creating a Content Marketing Mission Statement

[Part 3 in a Series on Launching a Content Marketing Program]

Nonprofits have one monumental advantage over businesses. Whereas a business is driven by profit, an NPO is driven by mission.

Not that earning profits is bad (yay, capitalism!), but nonprofits always start with a mission as their reason for existing. Having purpose why you do what you do builds the foundation for a strong content marketing program. So, get your engines fired up! Let’s do some exploring together. In 5 steps, you will be able to document your content marketing mission statement!


5 Big Mistakes Nonprofits Make With Their Marketing Content

The Need for Content Marketing [Part 2 in a Series on Developing a Content Marketing Program]

Nonprofits do so many things right! I’m always amazed how so much can be accomplished inside of a resource-strapped nonprofit organization. Doing so much with so little feels magical.

Several all-too-common marketing mistakes may be hurting your nonprofit’s potential. But fear not! All these mistakes are fixable, especially if you embrace a content marketing mindset.


Why You Should Launch a Content Marketing Program for Your Nonprofit

What is Content Marketing? [Part 1 in a Series on Developing a Content Marketing Program]

Content is everywhere. There’s website content, video content, advertising content, event content, email content, brochure content, campaign content, and on and on…

Many nonprofit organizations continue to focus solely on creating and delivering content that supports fundraising initiatives. This content is created not because it meets a donor’s needs; it’s created because someone tells the marketing group to do it. That, my friends, is not content marketing. In this post, I will share with you what content marketing is, how it adds value, and why your nonprofit needs to launch a content marketing program.


Why Good News in Your Fundraising Appeal Letters is a Bad Idea

Dang! It feels so good to share good news. We want to positively influence others and brighten their day. In our organizations, spreading news of our success stories gives us credibility. It says to donors, “Look! Your generous gift in support of our programs and services really do change lives!”

Donors do like (and need!) to hear how their gifts are making a difference, but delivering sunshiny good news when asking donors for money is putting the cart before the horse. And it’s throttling the potential success of your fundraising campaigns.


2 Nonprofit Facebook Groups That Make You Feel Like You Aren’t Alone

The best (free!) nonprofit Facebook groups to join right now

Where do you go when you are faced with a work challenge, but either your peers don’t have the answer or the topic is so sensitive that you’d rather not ask them?

You could google the question. Oftentimes, though, your problem is so nuanced that you don’t receive the perspective and personal touch of someone who has been through the same thing. You need a conversation, not a “how-to” article.

Enter community-supported, nonprofit Facebook groups!


Book Review: How to Turn Your Words Into Money

The Master Fundraiser's Guide to Persuasive Writing

This book is small but mighty! Author Jeff Brooks is masterful at breaking down complex fundraising copywriting concepts into understandable and easily actionable chunks. And his writing is laugh-out-loud funny.

Anybody who is filled with dread at the prospect of having to write fundraising copy for their nonprofit should read this.


The Perfect Length of Your Annual Appeal Letter

How much copy do you need to write to inspire people to donate?

If you ever were faced with the task of writing your nonprofit’s fundraising annual appeal letter, you know how daunting it is to put pen to paper. After all, the expectation is that the letter you craft must bring in substantial funds. (No pressure, right?!)

When I sat down to draft my very first appeal letter, my initial thought was, “How much copy do I need to write to inspire people to donate? One, two, three, or more pages?” Like you, I receive many appeal letters in my mailbox. The letter lengths are as varied as the causes they represent. Experience and the study of the ins and outs of appeal letters have led me to the answer.


Emailed “thank-you” tax receipts are just a part of life now, and that’s okay. But don’t stop there! Never forget the personal touch when thanking donors. Keep building the relationship. Think about grabbing some notecards and handwriting thank-yous. Be grateful. Be heartfelt. Maybe even pick up the phone and make a call? Grandma always loves hearing from you. ❤ For more nonprofit marketing memes, follow me on Instagram.